Our Services

To help users achieve success in their "mathematical optimization projects," we offer the following services. We customize our services according to the user's level of understanding and maturity in mathematical optimization.

1. Offering JijZept, a product that promotes the practical application of mathematical optimization

  1. Open Source Software (OSS) JijBenchmark: A tool that supports benchmarking (performance measurement & evaluation, comparative experiments) of multiple solvers.
  1. Open Jij: A heuristic optimization library for Ising models and QUBO.
  1. JijModeling: An intuitive mathematical modeling tool for quantum annealing and Ising machines.

2. Support for mathematical optimization projects

  • We provide support from project initiation to implementation.
  • We introduce specific use cases.
    • Optimization of traffic signal control (link): How to bridge the gap between research and industrial application? ~ Insights into social implementation from Jij and Toyota Tsusho ~

3. Support for formulating business strategies in mathematical optimization and quantum technology

4. Support for internal education in mathematical optimization and quantum technology